Welcome to the Roost -- Chanticleer's Roost! 

You are invited to join us at Chanticleer's Roost of writers, authors, and publishing professionals. Pour a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine, or your choice of beverage, and join us! 

We are a community of authors, book lovers, and creators. Some say we are magicians because we can make things appear out of nowhere. We hail from around the globe to join together to help and support each other to achieve our publishing and creative endeavors.

The Roost is a "clubhouse" for Chanticleerians where we come together to connect in person. We come together from across the globe,  across the internet, across genres, across platforms, and different types of media and content creation.

Chanticleer's Roost raison d'etre is to facilitate camaraderie between Chanticleer Members in this Digital Age.

We've received numerous requests from the #ChanticleerFamily to host online forums where members may interact with each other.

♦ For example, when you are attending a conference or book fair somewhere and are looking for a roommate or a place to couch surf or perhaps recommendations for lodging.
♦ Or just want to connect for a coffee or glass of wine if you know you are going to be in the neighborhood.
♦ Or coordinate travel to Silver City, Idaho for Jacquie Rogers' shindig that takes place in July.
♦ Or  Sharon and I want to be able to post where Chanticleerians can meet us when we are exhibiting/presenting at conferences and conventions. We don't feel comfortable posting where and when to meet privately on public forums for obvious reasons.
♦ Or to share resources or how to connect with your local indie booksellers.
♦ Or find critique partners or beta readers...
♦ Or ask questions about marketing, production, selling platforms...
♦ Or get author quotes or offer author quotes
♦ Or ask for advice or feedback
♦ Or behind the scenes support for a book launch --


You get the idea... authors and writers need a good roost to hang out in.

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What Happens at the Roost Stays at the Roost!

However, we want these forums to be private and not on Facebook or other social media platforms or search engines that collect and sell the gathered information.

Being a Member of the Roost doesn't preclude you from participating in public social forums, but it does allow for us to provide a space to interact in that is "private and gated." 

Meanwhile, the Chanticleer Reviews website and social media platforms will remain public and open to all.

As with the Chanticleer Authors Conference and the CIBA Banquet and Ceremony, the private membership forum and website comes at the requests of a significant number of authors and writers whom we have met. We never started out to host an annual conference. We did so because it was repeatedly requested from Chanticleerians. And or we glad that we listened!  The Roost came about organically as did the conference did so we are hoping to have the same success for Chanticleerians!

Benefits, Discounts, and Special Offerings -- oh my!

While facilitating camaraderie and building relationships with colleagues are the Roost's primary purposes, The Roost offers Discounts, Member benefits, and Special Offerings and Member Only Events. Oh, yes!

Our first partner, Bookchain by Scenarex, is offering free uploads (the fee to upload is $39 per title) to Roost Members. If you have eight titles to upload, you will save $312 USD. There is no limit to the number of times a Chanticleer Member can use the discount code. Plus, you can keep them up for sale on other e-book platforms.

Other benefits in the works are from IngramSpark, PublishDrive, Hindenburg, Lulu, and others. So stay tuned!

Plus discounts for all of Chanticleer's services and contest entries.

You can read more about in the Forums and Benefit page.  

Other developments are in the works is access to the Roost's advisors during open chat sessions.

The Roost is a Global Community of Writers and Authors (and Book Clubs soon)!

From Chanticleer's inception in 2010, we have strived to help writers achieve their publishing goals whether or not they are self-published, indie published, hybrid published, or traditionally published.

Just a decade later, we are seeing the inclusion and acceptance of the many forms that content can take from the printed traditional books to the latest in audiobooks, digital e-books, hyperlinked narration, and pop-up 3-D visuals, interactive books, fan-world fiction, gaming stories, and more. And most importantly, we have seen the inclusion and acceptance of authors whose works are self-published, indie-published, traditionally published, cooperatively published, hybrid published, or some combination of all the above.

As of mid-July 2019, we are putting together this new site. We appreciate each new member who joins us on this new venture as we explore the next trends, technologies, and changes to the publishing and content global industry. For all the Chanticleerians that are embarking with us on this journey - THANK YOU!  You are invited to become a bona fide Chanticleer Club Member and enjoy the many benefits of being part of the Roost.


Chanticleer Authors Club

Authors Club

For writers who are published or aspiring to publish. This is a supportive community to help you achieve your publishing goals.

Blue Ribbon Club

The prestigious Blue Ribbon Club that is exclusively for the winners of the Chanticleer International Book Awards.

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Partners Club

Vetted Partners and Publishers Who Offer Special Discounts and Services to the Roost Members.

Associates Club Badge

Associates Club

For Friends and Colleagues of Authors and Writers.