Welcome to The Roost

A community where writers support and learn from each other to achieve their publishing goals.

About Us

The Roost  – a community where authors support and learn from each other on how to achieve their publishing goals.

We come together from across the globe, across the internet, across genres, across platforms, and different types of media and content to join together to help and support each other to achieve our publishing goals.

Join us as we overcome obstacles and challenges together so that we may achieve our publishing goals and, therefore, seize the rewards of The Call to Write and Publish -- The Author's Hero's Journey

We come together to share knowledge and experience, useful tips, publishing technologies, writing craft tools, book promotion, and connections so that we may support each other in our author journeys. 

Not only do we cheer each other on and enjoy the camaraderie of our fellowship at The Roost, we will also have the benefit of a "yearlong" virtual authors conference where we will take deep dives into different publishing topics on a monthly basis. Most months we will have a speaker and most weeks we will have office hours where everyone is free to ask us anything. All speaker videos will be archived, so if you can't make a workshop, you can view it anytime. 

Why You Should Join

The Roost is where writers come together to answer the call of publishing.

The Roost will help Authors Develop a Valuable FLYWHEEL for their publishing careers and goals.  

At The Roost discover:

  • Pertinent Discussions on Publishing Topics
  • Writing Craft Groups
  • Keep the Chanticleer Authors Conference Conversations Going
  • Workshops lead by experts
  • Write-Ins, Kaffeeklatsches, Happy Hours 
  • Book Promotion Tips and Tools
  • The Latest in Publishing News

Connection and Encouragement

  • The joy, purpose, and energy of being a part of something bigger than yourself. 

  • The joy, purpose, and energy of working towards achieving common goals.  

  • The joy, purpose, and energy of building skills and getting better. 

  • The connection of facing challenges and finding solutions together.  

We've received numerous requests from the #ChanticleerFamily to host online forums where members may interact with each other.

  • For example, when you are attending a conference or book fair somewhere and are looking for a roommate or a place to couch surf or perhaps recommendations for lodging.
  •  Or just want to connect for a coffee or glass of wine if you know you are going to be in the neighborhood.
  • Or coordinate travel to Silver City, Idaho for Jacquie Rogers' shindig that takes place in July.
  • Or Sharon and Kiffer want to be able to post where Chanticleerians can meet us when we are exhibiting/presenting at conferences and conventions. Most of us don't feel comfortable posting where and when to meet on public forums for obvious reasons.
  • Or to share resources or how to connect with your local indie booksellers.
  • Or find critique partners or beta readers...
  • Or ask questions about marketing, production, selling platforms...
  • Or get author quotes or offer author quotes
  • Or ask for advice or feedback
  • Or behind the scenes support for a book launch --

 You get the idea... authors and writers need a good roost to hang out in.

A Big Thanks

Thanks everyone for participating in The Roost by sharing your knowledge and publishing experiences, encouraging each other in  writing and creation goals, and helping each other navigate a rapidly changing and uncertain  publishing industry together so that we may achieve our publishing goals.